An excellent event was held last week to begin the promotion of our unique fully funded BlueGen, the first micro CHP product in the UK to be eligible for the Feed in Tariff (Fits), which we think will help people turn buildings from energy burdens to energy opportunities.

Al Boiler Room

Around seventy delegates turned up to be shown around the installed BlueGen unit in Napier’s Merchiston campus, where Alistair Roberts explained the mechanics of the BlueGen unit. BlueGen generates power at 60% efficiency and heat at 25% efficiency through a chemical reaction for total efficiency of 85%. This is around twice as efficient as previous micro CHP units.

The delegates moved on to hear Jon Cape talk through our unique funded solution with typical yearly savings of £7,377 and our Self funded solution which has a typical ten year rate of return of 8-13% with a payback of 6 years on an investment of £16-17K.

We have already received several formal expressions of interest so contact us now if you are interested in BlueGen before the first round of funding is gone.

Click here to see the presentation from the seminar

BlueGen Kitchen Open