Fuel cells work by converting gas to electricity through a silent and clean electro-chemical reaction. The technology has been around for decades but BlueGen represents the first time that a fuel cell has been designed that is small enough for domestic and small business use.

BluGen is the world’s most efficient small scale fuel cell and the only product of its type in the UK. It’s a bit like having a mini power station in your home or office since it runs at the same efficiencies as a modern gas combined cycle power station but, because the electricity is generated locally and used locally nothing is lost in distribution or transmission.

BlueGen generates power 24/7 all year-round and can provide uninterruptible power supply in combination with appropriate battery supply. Something which is becoming increasingly important to businesses with the growing threat of energy shortages.


What does it look like?

BlueGen is the size of a washing machine. There are no moving parts so BlueGen is virtually silent.

BlueGen Kitchen Open


Where can it be installed?

BlueGen can be wired into any building with a connection to mains natural gas (or compressed natural gas), the power grid, the internet and mains water. For business purposes this is normally the plant or boiler room. For residential installations BlueGen can be placed in any suitable site. This can be on a landing or in a stairwell if the unit is being shared between premises. It can also be installed externally so long as it is weather-proofed.


How much power does it produce?

The typical output is 1.5 kW of electricity – that’s 36 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per day. Running constantly at 1.5 kW all year round generates just over 13,000 kWh of electricity. Since an average home uses around 4000kWh each year this means that one unit is enough for four, and perhaps even five, homes. This makes it particularly suitable for Local authority and Housing Associations applications.


What are the benefits?

  • Typically 20% saving in energy costs which is projected to rise to over 30% by year ten.
  • Free use of electricity: 13000+ kWh/year
  • Free use of heat: 6000+ kWh/year
  • CO2 reduction: 3.6+ tonnes /year
  • Uninterruptible power supply in combination with appropriate battery supply


What servicing is required?

The power output from BlueGen is managed remotely to ensure efficient operation and low maintenance.

All BlueGen units are sold with a long term service contract which covers all servicing and replacement of parts. As all major items are periodically replaced under contract, the BlueGen unit itself can be expected to last at least 15 years.


Who can install the BlueGEN?

iPower works with a number of partners to manage all installation requirements. The BlueGEN will be only be installed by installers who have completed the required training.

If you are interested in a BlueGEN installation please contact us via our Customer Enquiry Form or return an expression of interest form to: info@iPoweruk.com.