Electricity and heat generated at the point of use is the future. Micro CHP is like having your own efficient mini power station for your business. This will save you money, cut your CO2 emissions and provide a ten year Feed In Tariff income.

Micro CHP supplied by iPower

Spice 2e

The Spice 2e from iPower is an advanced micro Combined Heat and Power unit.

Key Features
• Typical annual benifit after costs of 20%+ on energy used on site
• Onsite supply of electricity: 16,000+ kWh/year
• Onsite supply of heat: 60,000+ kWh/year
• CO2 reduction: 5 tonnes /year (CRC benefit)
• Will operate with mains gas or LPG

Unit Picture


BluGen is the world’s most efficient small scale fuel cell and the only product of its type in the UK.

Key Features
• Typical annual benefit after costs of 20% on energy used on site
• Onsite supply of electricity: 13,000+ kWh/year
• Onsite supply of heat: 6,000+ kWh/year
• CO2 reduction: 3.6+ tonnes /year (CRC benefit)

BlueGEN unit picture 150x150

Who can install our micro CHP units?

iPower works with a number of partners to manage all installation requirements. Our micro CHP will be only be installed by installers who have completed the required training.

If you are interested in a micro CHP installation please contact us via our Customer Enquiry Form or return an expression of interest form to: info@iPoweruk.com.