Decarbonize, Decentralize, Digitalize and Democratise are the 4 ‘D’s of the new energy world. This transition brings scope to turn energy from a burden to an opportunity. The new business models which are emerging to facilitate this invole long term realtionships with customers and trust will be a key factor.

iPower is committed to helping all sections of the community to benefit from the new energy world and to decentralizing power in an economic sense as well as a physical sense. To achieve this, iPower is building a new social esco/VPP. The esco provides management and, where needed, funding. The VPP or Virtual Power Plant links sites together, getting paid to help energy companies cut costs and carbon. Our esco/VPP will also be ready for new peer to peer trading opportunities.

Power Circle, iPower’s social esco/VPP can:

  • Meet power and heat needs as well as emerging electric vehicle needs
  • Avoid upfront costs and provides ‘gainshare’ through our social structure
  • Cut energy bills and carbon emissions for its customers
  • Provide long term energy pricing so customers can plan ahead
  • Provide resilience e.g. against power cuts
  • Contribute to resource efficiency, to a circular energy economy and local air quality
  • Help meet regulatory or internal carbon, EPC or energy targets

Power Circle Project Types

iPower is working with private and public partners across the UK on both domestic and commercial projects as well as utility scale solar/battery developments. Examples include:

  • Social housing – smart solar and storage
  • Private housing – smart solar and storage with EV charging
  • Commercial buildings – onsite generation, storage and ‘demand side response’
  • Homes and Commercial buildings – as above plus renewable heat.

Power Circle Project Stages

  • Business case for project with funding options
  • Enter Heads of Terms to fully develop the project
  • Deliver the project and provide long term management

For more infomation on Power Circle please contact us via our Customer Enquiry Form or by email: