iPower has been selected as a recommended partner for Scottish Housing Associations for the provision of funded solar PV following competitive selection process.

Edinburgh Telford college's 50kw solar PV system, developed by iPower.

Edinburgh Telford college’s 50kw solar PV system, developed by iPower.

Despite the end of in the Feed in Tariffs, solar PV can still provide good returns and benefits for tenants and landlords following significant reductions in technology prices over recent years average payback periods for a self-funded 50kW system are currently around 5 years.


The Business Case

Illustrative of a solar PV project based in the east of Scotland

50kW 250kW
Installation Cost £45,000 £210,000
Estimated Electricity Bill Reduction £161,000 £806,000
Projected 20 Year Benefit £148,498 £761,000
Payback 8 Years 7 Years

Key Assumptions: RPI of 2.5% per annum, average real electrrcity price rise of 1.1% per annum, Displaced electricity cost to building owner of 12.5 p/Kwh, Solar yield of 850 kWh/Kwp.

Case studies

Perth and Kinross – Food and Drink Park – 125kWp
Aberdeenshire Council – Smart Solar and Storage – 7000 homes
Edinburgh Telford College – Main Campus – 50kWp

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