The Spice 2e from iPower is an advanced micro Combined Heat and Power unit. It saves money on heat and power, cuts carbon and will provide ten year Feed In Tariff income.

Net Benefits.

Typical benefit after costs: 20%+ saving in energy costs for energy generated and used on site in year one. This is projected to rise as a result of electricity prices rising faster than gas prices. We offer a self-financed solution, with 10%+ Internal Rate of return over ten years, and a funded solution at no capital cost

How Does it work?

• Onsite supply of electricity and heat: 16,000+ kWh/year electricity, 60,000+ kWh/year heat
• Scope to install multiple units
• Will operate with mains gas or LPG
• CO2 reduction:c5 tonnes /year
• Scope for back-up power: requires island operation
• Costs: cost of gas supply to Spice 2e unit and cost of service contract (£500/year) plus supply and install cost if self-finance
Unit Picture


• Mains or LPG Gas supply and space for unit (no charge for supply and install with standard installation under the funded solution, otherwise there will be a small install charge)
• Ability to use all power and heat generated by the Spice 2e unit: 2 kW electrical baseload and 180 kWh hot water use/day all year or most of year
• Minimum 10 year interest in the property for funded solution
• Acceptable credit risk assessment for funded solution

Who can install Spice 2e?

iPower works with a number of partners to manage all installation requirements. Spice 2e will be only be installed by installers who have completed the required training.

If you are interested in a Spice 2e installation please contact us via our Customer Enquiry Form or return an expression of interest form to: